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Current Jermin Managament Client

Roman Hayeck Green

Roman stars in Series 2 of Sex Education released on Netflix in January

Current Jermin Managament Client

Samuel Leakey

Sammy has been cast in one of the biggest film roles for children this year in International Feature Films: in the title role of Hansel in Gretel & Hansel  #FollowtheCrumbs

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Alumni Examples

Mark Jermin alumni

Brenock O'Connor

Brenock starred as Oly in HBO's Game of Thrones for 2 seasons, and played series reg Peter Cratchit in Dickensian for 12 eps on BBC1.

Artists Stuart Piper has worked with:

Tyrone Huntley

Tyrone was the Winner of Evening Standard Award for Best Emerging Artist and Olivier & Whatsonstage Award nominated for Jesus Christ Superstar

Stuart represented Tyrone from college, and managed his career to these award wins.